Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 36 - Crossing the Equator

We are cruising the Indian Ocean today, on our way to Singapore.  Sandra Bowren gave a lecture this morning on the history of Singapore.  It appears to be a very interesting city/country/island. For a small (274 sq. mile) country, it is relatively rich.  It's economy is not based on any real product, it is based on trade. 

Singapore is also the end of this segment of the cruise, our second. I've heard that almost 600 of the 700 passengers on board will be getting off in Singapore.  That means a whole lot of new faces on the ship tomorrow night. 

Last night was a "formal optional" night.  We decided to get dressed up (tux & long gown) for dinner, just because we could.  The restaurant offered a nice lobster dinner as one of the choices, and a great chocolate mango volcano for dessert.  That and a little wine started the evening off right.  Later we went to the show for a change.  The performance crew put on a South American music themed song and dance show.  One of the dancers, who I'm guessing was the understudy for the woman who died last week, stepped up to sing 2 of the songs.  She didn't do too bad.

This afternoon we crossed the equator and the ship's crew performed the ceremony of Crossing the Line on the pool deck.  We started to go up and watch, but every elevator going up was full.  We've seen the ceremony before on another ship, when we were going in the other direction, so we decided to go down to the coffee cafe instead.

We got our tickets for the tours on the next segment of the cruise - Singapore to Hong Kong, and have been reviewing them this afternoon. There were a few new options presented so we went to the destination services desk and made a few changes. The next segment will take us to Thailand, Vietnam, and China. We are both looking forward to this, me because I have never been to Asia and Ray because he would like to see what Vietnam has become.

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