Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 45 - China Sea off East Coast of Vietnam

Sunset Leaving Saigon
It's a nice, quite day at sea again.  We spent last evening on our balcony during the 3 hour ride from Saigon down the Saigon River to the China Sea.  It was a lovely night and we got to see the sunset.

Sandra Bowren gave a lecture this morning on "The Cultural Contrasts of South-East Asia."  She talked mostly about the differences and similarities of the religions and art forms in the various countries between India and the Philippines.  Sarah, if you're reading this, I'm wondering how many of the musical instruments of this area you've heard of.  I tried to write down some of the names, but it went too fast for me to get them all.  Some of the instruments she mentioned are the Kwang Wong Yai, Pi Nai, Song Na, Ranat, T'rung, Khean and Mo Lam. 

After the lecture Ray attended a meeting of Vietnam War Veterans.  Unfortunately, none of the other guys who attended were in service similar to Ray's so he didn't find much in common with them.  They were either on ships or flying Air Force or Navy missions, while he was in the Army either walking through the jungle or flying reconnaissance missions.

I went to another art auction this afternoon.  Each time I go to one of these I learn a little more about art, so that makes it fun.  Plus I get a small print just for attending.

Got to get to sleep early tonight.  We have to be in the theater to get our tour bus assignment at 8am tomorrow.

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