Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 50 - On A Slow Boat to China

We have spent the day rocking and rolling on the South China Sea.  The seas have been heavy all day, so we have been sticking to our room as much as possible.  When walking through the halls, holding onto the railings has been mandatory.   The captain has slowed the ship down a bit to minimize the impact of the waves, so we really are on a slow boat to China.

Our next port will be Huang Pu, about 20 miles from Canton, China (also known as Guangzhou).  We had to fill out special immigration cards and give them to Guest Services, just like we did in Vietnam. That is the only time I ventured out, other than for breakfast and dinner.  A few adventurous souls were playing bocci in the main hall, passengers against officers, but the ship's movement was having an effect on the game.

They've been playing Oscar nominated movies on TV for the past week or so.  We watched "The Master" today.  Although Joaquin Phoenix's acting was excellent, my vote still goes to Daniel Day Lewis

The story line was very strange and not something I would usually be interested in.  I'm glad we didn't pay to see it. 

We had reservations for the specialty restaurant, Prime 7, tonight.  For a change, we shared a table with another couple, Gaiton and Janet, from Canada.  Dinner and company were both excellent.  Since I don't have port photos today, I'm going to share photos of some of the wonderfully presented desserts we have enjoyed.  The last photo is the Banana Cream Pie I enjoyed tonight.


We lost an hour last night.  Before this we had been traveling west and were gaining time with each time zone change, but now we have begun traveling east again. I liked it better the mornings we got an extra hour of sleep.

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