Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 17 - Sailing to Sydney

Today was another day at sea when we could just take it easy, read, watch a movie, and watch the sea go by.  The enrichment lectures for today were on the lives and careers of three sopranos, and a sports talk by Verne Lundquist.    These didn't interest us so, other than breakfast, afternoon coffee, and dinner, we enjoyed the comfort of our room.

Last night we did manage to go to the show.  This is significant because it's the first one we've managed to attend so far.  Unlike the Celebrity and Royal Caribbean cruises we've done, Regent does not have set times for dinner seating.  You can go to the restaurant any time between 6:30 and 9:30PM and be seated for dinner.  Since the ship only holds 700 passengers and no set dinner time, there is no need for more than one show per night.   The only show starts at 9:30pm each night.  We are usually done with dinner by 8pm and are not into sitting at the bar for an hour after dinner while we wait for the show to start.  Usually we just go back to our room after dinner and settle in.  Last night was the last night the current performance troupe were to put on a show, so we decided to go see them.  They did a Broadway tunes themed show and it was pretty good.  It's a small troupe of 8 dancers, 2 singers and 2 adagio performers.  The dancers were very good and the songs they chose were not the typical ones you usually hear.  We enjoyed the show.

Dinners have often been a little too complex for our taste, but last night and tonight were much better. Last night's dinner was turkey, sweet potatoes, peas, and home-made cranberry sauce.  Tonight I had lobster tail and Ray had Beef Wellington. Desserts are always excellent, so no complaints there.

We are looking forward to getting into Sydney tomorrow.  The entrance to Sydney Harbor is spectacular so we are going to try to get up early to see it.  Last time we were here I was up but Ray slept through.  We ordered breakfast in so we can enjoy the view from our room before we have to meet our morning tour.

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