Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 21 - Rainy Brisbane

There were storms in the area last night, so we had a rocky ride last night and not much sleep.  The pilot had a hard time getting out to our ship this morning, so between that and the storm delay, we docked 2 hours late this morning.  We were supposed to go on a "Crocs & Wildlife" tour this afternoon, but the forecast is for rain all day.  We turned the tickets in so maybe someone whose tour was cancelled will want them.  There have been enough opportunities to see the wildlife without having to go to a zoo in the rain.

The cruise director announced that because of the weather, we will be staying here in Brisbane overnight and leaving at 6am tomorrow instead of tonight.  The captain wants to give us a decent night's sleep and wait for the bad weather to move on.  That means adjustments to the itinerary for the next few days.  We will be at sea tomorrow and get to Whitsunday Island a day late.  They are supposed to give us a revised schedule in writing later today, so we'll see what else is affected.

We could have taken a shuttle into Brisbane today, but decided against that as well.  Today is Australia Day,  commemorating the founding of the first colony here.  It will probably be crowded as well as rainy in town.  Better to just take another R&R (reading and relaxing) day.  Ray used a little of the time this morning to go get a haircut.

One interesting sighting today - there was a huge school of jelly fish swimming in the water between the stern of our ship and the bow of a P&O cruise ship docked behind us.
Thousands of Jelly Fish
Jellies up close

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