Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 20 - Sailing North to Brisbane

We sailed away from Sidney last night and are now headed north in the Pacific ocean, along the east coast of Australia.   Here are a few photos we took on our way out of the harbor.
Luna Park, on north side of Sydney Harbor

Harbor Bridge at Sunset
Fort in Sydney Harbor

Sailing away from Sydney

Sea days are always welcome breaks between ports.  They provide time to rest, attend lectures, and pamper ourselves.   This morning we attended another lecture on Australia by Sandra Bowren.  It sounds like she plans to repeat a lot of the material we heard her talk about on the last cruise segment, so we may skip the next few.  

I left the lecture a little early to go to the spa and get my hair cut and styled.  Many people like to use sea days for massages, facials and other spa treatment, but I have never really enjoyed these.  I guess I'm just not the pampered type. :-)   The stylist did a really good job on my hair though.  So good, I had Ray take a picture so I can show it to my stylist back home as an example of what I want.

This afternoon I went to an art seminar on "The Art of Collecting."   I've heard most of the information before, but sometimes it's good to hear things a few times to make sure it sinks in.   Things like the difference between an etching, a lithograph, and a serigraph, and the fact that all art created by these methods are considered "original" art, not "prints," the same as if the work had been painted on canvas or paper.   The only difference is that there may be multiple copies of a work done using one of the first three methods.  Due to various factors, each one is still unique and they are always created in limited editions.   Over the years I have developed a better understanding and appreciation of art.  Aunt Lil would be proud.

Tonight is formal optional night on the ship, so we are getting dressed up a little for dinner.  There is also a "Captain's Welcome Reception" in the theater, but once again, we will pass on that.  We don't get much out of crowded cocktail parties.

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